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unsure if i am pregnant or not here is the timeline. note my periods are irregular so i dont know ovulation time. 

day 1: intercourse, nausea 

day 2: nausea badly, some cramping 

day 3: nausea, some cramping, fatigue despite quality sleep 

day 4: nausea, cramping, light flow of blood - similar to period but extremely lighter, fatigue despite quality sleep 

day 5: same as previous day. second day of period is my heaviest, always has been. but is light.... Extremely strange craving. needing to urinate more.... 

Also feeling nausea after eating foods 

any advice is appreciatedd


im worried about being pregnant too.. ive been googling like crazy .. from what ive researched ,, i dont think nausea is that early a symptom.. i got very little knowledge.. but i think u arnt pregnant :) .. good luck