Ill make this short sweet and to the point..i have had slight cramping since ovulation not to,mention sore breasts, back pain, change of appitite(nothing sounds good enough to eat except chili cheese fries). Ive had restless nights and vivid dreaming. I have also developed that line running from my belly button to the pelvic area, though i know that usually dont show up till later on in pregnancy so not sure why i have that. The day before my period was due i took a test that came up negative. That night i recieved my period. However, it is not at all a normal period for me. Usualy i crave chocolate and this time i dont want any sweets. My period was also lighter and shorter. It was only 3 days and cramping all the way through instead of just the normal first day. The first day was more of a brown discharge. Can anyone tell me if i might actualy be pregnant?