I'm 45 years old and I'm on day 12 of recovery. My recommendation, do NOT have this done unless absolutely necessary. I have a high pain tolerance but this pain is ridiculous.  I'd rather go through labor again. Scabs fell off on days 8 & 10, the pain is worse now in my throat & in my ears than it was right after surgery. I'm on so many pain meds I feel like a junkie! 

Pain is one thing but I'm so tired of not being able to eat. My diet now consists of Malt O Meal, ice cream, frozen yogurt, broth & noodles. I crave a big, fat juicy burger so bad!  Fish and chips would be awesome too! It's making me crabby.

The worst part, I've lost my sense of taste. I'm so worried that I may not get it back, I feel myself getting a little depressed over it. Doctors and studies say that losing your sense of taste is rare however in doing my own research, it seems this happen to a number of patients.  Popsicles taste like salt (not kidding, salt!), coffee & chocolate are extremely bitter. I tried mashed potatoes the other day, even those tasted funny.  Nothing tastes like it used to. I'm so sad. 

Drink as much liquid as you can, even though it hurts like hell. I know this sounds gross but the longer your scabs stay on, the better! Your throat is healing under them. They will come off sooner if you do not stay hydrated.  Make sure to have a humidifer going. Mornings were the worst for me because of the obvious, breathing in air all night & not being able to drink water while sleeping; your throat dries out. The humidifier will help. 

I think I would have rather just dealt with the tonsil stones rather than doing this.  Good luck to those who are planning to have this procedure done. My advice, make sure it's absolutely necessary.