im on my 10th day post-op. 22 yrs old. have had chronic bouts of tonsillitis and am CONSTANTLY sick. my boyfriend jokes around that ive been sick since he met me, and hes right. so i finally took the plunge and got my tonsils out.

today i finally am able to eat again. i forced myself to eat pizza tonight and it was a great choice. the pain has dwindled down to minor discomfort and i finally do not regret having the surgery done. i still have white scabs in the back of my throat and wake up in pain in the morning, but nothing compared to what i just went through. and the fact that i did the majority of the recovering off of painkillers speaks volumes i think. i cant believe it. im sure life would have been much better the past 10 days had i been able to take them, but they made me too sick.

heres kind of how the rest of the time went:
first 2 days all i did was sleep, eat ice, and ice my neck with the ice collar the hospital provided. day 3 i started getting sick from my painkillers, and threw up and it was the most painful thing ive ever experienced. day 4 was when the real hell began. from 4-7, it was excruciating. i was miserable. i ate ice chips, popsicles, italian ice, and occasionally would force myself to eat mashed potatoes or mini noodles. after day 3 i stopped taking my painkillers because they made me too sick so i did the majority of this recovery on simply tylenol. it was miserable but i got through it. and the ear pain is MISERABLE. i found that heating up salt on the stove and putting it in a facecloth eased the pain a bit. sleeping was the worst. id try to avoid sleeping as much as possible. after 3 hrs of being asleep at night id wake up in THE WORST PAIN IVE EVER EXPERIENCED. im not even kidding. it was horrifying. id ice my neck, take more tylenol, eat some ice chips, and just pray id fall back to sleep soon. 3 hrs later id be up again dealing with the same thing. i passed my days in front of the tv, and nights were the best for me. day 7 was when my scabs started coming off and that was probably worse than the most miserable of days i experience. it stung everytime i swallowed-stemming from down in my throat all the way into my ears. my ear pain was equally as bad as my throat pain at this point. day 8 i finally started feeling somewhat human again. i managed to get down a pb&j but had to water it down in my mouth, and it hurt real bad. day 8 was the first night i slept through the night. i woke up in pain, but nothing compared to before. i ate mac n cheese and pb&js throughout the day and i figured the worst was finally over. day 9 was the same. today was when my world turned around. it barely hurt. it wasnt until mid-afternoon i realized i hadnt even needed to take a tylenol to ease the pain. its just a minor sore throat at this point. and tonight i finally was able to eat. i feel like a human again. my voice still hasnt returned to normal but its not as bad as it was all along-in the mornings i still cant speak until i suck on some ice because i sound like a 3 yr old.

-drink as much water as possible. if its too unbearable, just CONSTANTLY have ice chips in your mouth. thats what i did. as soon as i finished one, there was more in my mouth. it eased the pain and helped prevent the scabs from getting too thick.
-popsicles and italian ice worked best for me
-ice cream is the ENEMY. dont listen to people that "you can eat all the ice cream you want"..its a lie. it causes phlegm and you cough like crazy, which im sure you can imagine, KILLS
-wake up in the middle of the night and drink some water and take your meds
-have someone babysit you for at least the first week
-speak as little as possible-write things down for people
-sleep ELEVATED. i slept in a recliner for the 7 of the 8 nights. the one night i slept lying down i woke up in the worst pain. its easier to breathe propped up.
-try to put something in your stomach before you take your pain meds

also, this whole thing was emotionally draining. you feel like a dead person, and you cant do anything. its horrible. try to have people come keep you company and try to watch a lot of happy movies. im not even kidding. by the 2nd week i was crying my eyes out because i was sick of sitting in this house. and crying hurt alot.

well, i hope that helps. good luck to those of you who are getting it done in the future!