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Im 31 and had a tonsillectomy on Wed 11/8/06. Wed I ws in some pain but overnight into Thursday it became severe. My whole body was sore and i could barely open my mouth. I know u are supposed to keep hydrated but trying to swallow water is extremely painful. I ended up going to the ER about 20 hours after surgery. I was throwing up (3 times), the Dr.s think it was the Vicodin. They gave me an IV put me on fluids, anti-nausea meds and morphine. Sent me home w/a script for Percocet. No pain medicine seems to help the pain when swallowing. Forget talking, I just write everything down. So, today is 11/11 and I am still in severe pain. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce the pain in my throat so I can swallow easier?


I wish I did have a suggestion for you, the only thing I have found is that I can try and let a popsicle drip down my throat and it numbs a bit, but nothing is helping. I just had 4 tonsil removed three days ago and spent 2 days in ICU, I am absolutely miserable! It hurts to just swallow water, but I am so very thirsty.


No help I just gets better the more you swallow. I encouarge you to start swallowing the most you can, try to chew gum, this encouraged siliva flow and swallowing for me.

I'm in recovery day #11. I feel pretty good, I just need the stinky scabs to fall off. Those are the ones that are driving me crazy. I could deal with the pain but not with the stink. I'd rather have the pain... :S Than this stink. :S

Wishing you all a fast recovery



My surgery was on Thursday, November 9th and I'm doing good. I know that it's hard to swallow and after a certain point you just loose the desire to try to drink or eat anything, but you really have to. I was in the ER for 3 hours tonight getting fluids and anti-nausea medication and I feel a lot better now. Instead of drinking, try ice chips, blend some ice up in a blender and just spoon them in and let them melt, swallow slowly. The cold will help to numb you. It's also good to wait about half an hour after taking some pain medicine to try. If you keep it wet your pain will lessen.

We can get through this!!


I got mine done on the 13th. Eating and drinking has been horrible, but my meds have helped tremendously with this. Today I am having an awful problem though. My stomach hurts so bad. I can't move. I can't go to the bathroom or anything. I am debating going to the ER... suggestions??


I don't know what pain medication you're taking, but many of them have a side effect of constipation, which is what it sounds like you are suffering. If store remedies don't help, you may need to go to the ER, and you might want to consider having your medication altered!

Good luck.


o.O I am almost three weeks(Nov2nd) for my tonsillectomy. The only thing I have to say is---where is my taste? I don't want to scare anyone but can ANYONE relate with this? Everything is bitter and OH don't give me any sugar-blah and bluk! Wow --I wasn't aware of this and the pain was nothing compared to this. Any comments?


>:( Hey everyone, I am new to this forum, but sure am glad that it exists, I am on my third day of recovery, and am miserable to say the least. I am curious as to about when is the turnaround point for the pain,from what I understand it must get worsebefore it gets better... any help???


Hey, everyone. I am on my 7th day of surgery and I'm back at work which is hard because I haven't been able to sleep all night so the tiredness is kicking in. My throat still hurts pretty bad and my tongue is still swollen. It is red and white and almost looks infected. Does anyone else have a problem with their tongue? I have my post op appt this afternoon so I'll see what my doc says about my recovery.


awh you guys! tonsilectomys are the worst pain EVER. i mean i know cos recently i got mine out and i thought iwould never be able to swallow again , after a week it became slightly easier, 10 days the bad pain was gone, then for about another 2 weeks i woke up with a sore throat . its absolutely terrible and i would rather go through tonsilitis repeatedly then do that one more tim.


my sister sent me here to see what everyone else was going through too. I had my tonsils out 13 days ago on jan 5. I have been in acute pain ever since. I had enough scar tissue that he had to remove a bit of my soft pallate as well, mostly on the right side. I cannot yawn without severe ear pain, Mornings should never happen. I almost cry every morning still at the pain. I am taking hycet (hydrocodone + acetometaphen) every 3 hours for pain. it takes the edge off but I am definately not pain free. I cannot eat anything too sweet, salty, no spice at all. too hot and too cold hurt extremely badly. room temperature is all I can handle now. I used to be able, for the first 5 or 6 days, to eat and drink cold stuff. now I'm basically stuck to lukewarm jello, apple juice, water and mashed potatoes (from scratch- the box kind is too sticky). I've lost approx. a pound a day. that's the only thing I'm not complaining about. I go in to be rechecked tomorrow morning. I had a bad problem on day 6. I couldn't even swallow my own saliva. not just because of pain, but because everything I had left in my throat was so swollen. I was re-admitted into the hospital where I was given IV fluids, antibiotics and morphine. I was supposed to stay longer, but I only stayed 2 full days. they had no food I could eat. their jello was sugar-free and the aspertame burned. that was the only menu item they constantly had. Now I can eat unsalted or peppered scrambled eggs, if it is not long after I take my meds. Sinus drainage is a problem for me. Was REALLY bad the first few days. like ly sinuses were plugged from draining by my tonsils or something. I'm 33. This sucks! almost want to say it would have been better to leave them in. I'll decide that better once I finally heal, If I ever do.

as for whole body pain... yes

as for only tasting salt/bitter yes. not even water tastes good

tongue... the nurse at hosp gave me mint flavored hydrogen peroxide and had me brush my tongue with it. they gave me a bag of plastic sticks with lil foam tips like mini paintbrushes sorta to dip in the hydrogen peroxide. the coating on the tongue I was told is normally taken off by the foods you eat. since we don't really eat... the coating doesn't go away. do all of your tongue and the sides of your mouth with it then rinse n spit. it REALLY helps.

And my TEETH hurt. so does my jaw. I think that may be from the surgery itself and having my mouth jacked open so far so he could do the surgery, but not sure


I just wanted to post my experience thus far, with one question. What about minor bleeding? I am soooo worried about that almost healed, exorcist bleeding thing I keep hearing could happen. You know, you are on day 13 of the basic 2 week recovery time and suddenly you are spewing blood and need to return to the ER for recauterization. When I eat soft foods with a bit of texture (flaky fish, soft noodles, etc.) I bleed a little. Is this normal?

I am 30 and I had my tonsils out Jan. 9th, 2007. This is day 11 after the surgery. My surgery was relatively normal except I had a tonsilar abscess with a blood vessel that had developed, so I bled a little and needed 2 stitches.

I am usually very tolerant of pain, and used to strep throat, but I was actually a bit surprised when I woke up in recovery to very little pain. I could even talk softly.

Swallowing was not easy, but still easier than my worst cases of strep. I couldn't swallow jello though. Only water, gatorade, and ice cream/sherbet.

The pain was worse on day 3 & 4, but mostly in my jaws. On day 2 I had achy body pain all over. The Vicodin helped the throat pain, but didn't do much for the jaw pain or the headaches.

I was back at work part time by day 5, but tired easily. By day 7 the Vicodin didn't even make me drowsy and the insomnia began. I am used to running several times a week and I can't wait to get back to it. This helps my headaches and sleeplessness.

I found that a short walk helped me rest better and broke up the monotony of TV, books, and puzzles.

I can't wait to EAT REAL FOOD!

Good luck!!!


My husband just got his tonsils removed a week or so ago. He's been having a tough time keeping the upper part of his throat wet when drinking water, so he uses a spray bottle filled with water to spray the upper areas. He reports that it's working really well. But this isn't a substitute for drinking water! This alone will not keep your body hydrated enough to heal.

Also, a friend suggested he try lemon sorbet instead of ice cream, since ice cream tends to coat your throat and make you swallow more to clear it. This is also working well.

It's tough to get post-op patients to eat because it hurts too much to swallow, my husband's been eating only one yogurt and a packet of oatmeal a day. I've been grinding up a multivitamin and putting one a day into his food to make up for the limited variation in his diet.


I'm on day 6/7 now, and it's still painful. It goes kinda up and down through the day/night. The night (at bed) and morning is painful despite medication, but the afternoon and evening, no matter how long I stay up, is pretty good. I almost can't drink a glass of water when I get up, but around 6PM I can eat, drink and everything without having much pain at all.

The scabs started coming off yesterday and I don't have the stinky breath anymore, so I guess it just takes its time. My tongue hurt really bad, but it's getting a lot better.

When it comes to drinking water, I'm able to force myself into drinking just enough. It's often painful - but it's possible, at least for me.


ok... I did find out that V8 makes a 100% juice drink that has a serving of fruits and veggies in each glass (supposedly) if you water it down to half strngth it is drinkable. um... lemme rephrase that.... it tastes pretty good, at least the orange flavor does, but it's too sweet and a little to tangy. that makes my throat burn even on day 14ish. I'm about day 20 now and almost back to normal, though sweet sweet stuff and spicy and tangy are definately out.