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Hi. Few moths ago I suffered a big car accident.
The car turned over a couple of times and I really injured my self.
My radiologist diagnosed a several bones fracture. I broke my right leg, left wrist joint and I had a skull fracture.
I was hospitalized for about three weeks on intensive care.
Since I get out I’m feeling really good.
But I have one problem: when I laying in my bed I can't lay on my stomach because my chests hurt and I can hardly breathe. I am wondering what could cause this pain.
Could it be some lung injury or something similar? Please help!


From all symptoms you mention-I can say hardly anything because you could be more precise.
But, anyway, I can only say that I think this is not some lung injury we’re talking about because they are accompanied with much more dramatic symptoms like dyspnea, wheesles and respiratory shock!
So, probably, you should consider a sternum injury.
Sternum is a bone that’s connecting your ribs in front of heart.
All symptoms you mentioned can be caused by broken sternum.
You should see your doctor and take another radiological examination. If this is the case you’ll be immobilized for at least a month more because problem with sternum is very slow healing caused by all time movement but it shouldn’t be any other problems.