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ok i got my sternum checked out cus it aint right. when i went to docs he said my blood pressure and bla bla is high. i asked him why my sternum over laps and hurts. he said something about something pulling on my chest bringing it in (has to do with my blood pressure) I aint buying it.

in the end of it all my question is, what can be done to make it normal and not crack and make me breathe normal and not over lap. would there be a surgery where they open my chest and spread them or something. honestly what i dont want to hear is you cant do anything but wait because this has been for ATLEAST 2 years now.

it did start when I was doing dips every day. I lifted a safe today and i felt like i was gonna die my chest hurt so bad i couldnt breathe it was bad.

everywhere i look online i keep seeing Costochondritis. and to just forget about it, its normal. BS. its not normal. and to forget about it is impossible. its on my mind everyday...

what can be done?



I'm a little confused what exactly is the problem - you say it cracks when you move, and hurts but what do you mean by overlaps? what exactly do you want spreading? and how is it affecting your breathing?

a little more info may help to pinpoint the problem