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You may sweat pretty much all over when you're engaging in strenuous physical activities or the weather is unusually hot, but under normal circumstances, the armpits are normally the primary site of perspiration. Sweaty and stinky underarms that defy deodorant are embarrassing enough, but what if the site that's giving you trouble is, instead, your buttock region? 

Somewhat vulgarly dubbed "swap ass" online, sweaty buttocks sure aren't nice and if you're dealing with them, you will want to know why you are sweating so much in that particular area and what you can do about it. 

Who Experiences Sweaty Buttocks?

Primary buttock sweating is actually quite rare, but it happens. It's more common in obese people. (Compensatory buttock sweating is more likely to happen in people who have undergone ETS surgery for hyperhidrosis, however, if that describes you, the cause is rather clear already.) 

Why Is Excessive Buttock Sweating A Problem?

Besides the fact that you'll be embarrassed because you're worried you'll emit body odor from such a sensitive region and may even be so drenched in sweat that it looks like you peed your pants, buttock sweating may lead to complications as well. The buttock region is already one of those moist and warm areas where bacteria accumulate if proper hygiene isn't maintained, and excessive buttock sweating can be a huge problem — if sweating causes your buttocks to be wet for too long, you will likely develop painful open sores and even bacterial infections as a result. 

What Can You Do About Buttock Sweating?

Less is more — sometimes. Try to see if you can "fix" or rather manage your buttock sweating with some simple home remedies before seeing a medical professional about your sweaty behind. Some things you can attempt include:

  • Use a special anti-sweat shower gel or soap. Yes, they exist — even though you will probably never see them unless you are actively looking for them. Ask your pharmacist.
  • Frequently wash the buttock using baby wipes, throughout the day. 
  • Use talcum powder to absorb some of the sweat and prevent your pants from being wet. Baking soda is another option. 
  • Use vinegar to disinfect the area to prevent bacterial infections. 
  • Try sage tablets, which some people say helps prevent hyperhidrosis. 
  • Being careful to avoid your genital area, you can even use deodorant around the "but crack" area.

Many people will find that these steps will greatly relieve their buttock sweating problem. If you continue to experience excess perspiration from the buttocks, however, it's time to check in with your primary care physician. You may have heard of Botox, anticholinergic medication, and even  lumbar sympathectomy to correct your excessive sweating depending on its severity and how much it is impacting your life. Know in advance, however, that Botox is not approved as an anti-sweat treatment for the buttock area, that these anti-sweating medications can have severe side effects including heart palpitations, and that the surgery hasn't yet been proven to be effective for buttock sweating either. As such, unfortunately, your doctor will most likely recommend that you stick it out with the above home remedies.

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