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Hello, I'm 15 years old and for about 2 years now my testicles have been quite itchy, this happens alot more when its been hot or when I have been doing sports (when I'm sweaty). i was recently in the shower and i noticed that the scrotum is slightly green (only in one place) and that is at the bottom of it. My testicles get so itchy that I could literally scratch them off. I masterbate reguraly, at least once a day and i have done this for about 3 years. please help me


I can’t tell with certainty what this could be, but a dermatologist could.

Considering it’s been over 2 years and that this itching really sounds different from the usual scrotal itch, I would suggest you saw a dermatologist.

When you say warm weather and doing sports, it reminds me of a very moist environment that most fungus and bacteria like. They just love moist.

You don’t have any rash or any visible bumps or anything, do you? At first I thought it could be jock itch but it is always followed by rash and it usually appears on groins and thighs.
Then I thought of scabies or crabs but they too don’t appear on scrotum only.

Whatever it is, it needs to be examined by a pro. You may receive a cream or a lotion to get rid of that itch. Do you have a problem seeing a doctor? I don’t think you should because this can save you from itching.

Masturbation has nothing to do with it unless you are using some creams and lotions or other lubricants that could have aggravated your skin on the scrotums.