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Im 13 my hair by my balls is very long and its itchy amd i need to shave but im embarrassed to talk to my father


No guy needs to shave his scrotum. Its natural to have anything from no hair to really hairy scrotums. Guys shave their scrotums mostly to show off and hoping girls will be more willing to suck on hairless balls than hairy balls. Most females just don t get excited about guys balls whether shaved or extra hairy. All scrotums are itchy when your hair first grows in. Shaving won t stop the hairs growing and itching as they grow in. You just have to bear with it until your hair is completely grown in and it stops itching. The same thing happens as your balls itch from starting to make sperm in your balls. They itch like crazy and it goes away in a few months as your balls get used to making sperm.

Its difficult to shave scrotums because they are soft and all wrinkled. Any shaving cuts bleed a lot because the scrotum is very thin skinned and full of blood veins to help cool the testicles to keep them at the ideal temperature for making healthy sperm.

Just let your hairy balls grow up and enjoy being a hairy masculine guy. Lots of boys and men wish they could grow more body hair. Lots of women love hairy men.