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hi ive had an itchy scrotum for about 2 months i am still a virgin so i dont think i have an STD and i was wondering what it could be because i haven't told my girlfriend and i really want to do stuff with her but i dont want to if i have something


You could have pubic lice if it itches without an apparent cause. Pubic lice are little bugs, like those we have on head’s hairs, it’s just that these invade our genital area.
They can be transmitted sexually, by sharing cloths, sleeping in someone else’s bed (who had lice) and maybe even from the toilet seats but they don’t live too long away from human’s body.
Maybe you have a contact dermatitis, there’s usually a rash but itchiness may be present as well. Contact dermatitis in a skin reaction to a allergen or an irritant, which can also be your mom’s new washing detergent.

Anyway, since you are planning on becoming intimate with your girlfriend, it would be wise if you saw a dermatologist and see what it is all about. If you had lice, your girlfriend may not believe that you were virgin or may think you are lying or something. I don’t think you would want that, would you!
Oh, I forgot to mention that scrotums do itch but if this itching of yours differs from the “normal” itching, then you should have it checked.