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so my testicular sac swells up at the top near the penis. it comes and goes. this morning it seemed fine other then they were low hanging then they swelled up again. it can get very itchy


Well, the bump or swelling in left testicle could be symptoms of orchitis, which always caused by inflammation. According to your description, you might have got one. The most common symptoms of orchitis include: ejaculation of blood hematuria (blood in the urine) severe pain visible swelling of a testicle or testicles and often the inguinal lymph nodes on the affected side. In most cases, treatment for orchitis is an oral antibiotic,but, for viral infections, antibiotics are not recommended, herbal formula such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill would be a better choice. Generally speaking, the extent of discomfort is not equal to the extent of inflammation, sometimes ,the feeling is related to personal sense of sensitivity. You should take it seriously, I suggest you appoint a speacialist asap before your problem may get worse. In addition, drink more water, don't eat spicy foods, choose loose pure cotton underwear, all these could reduce the irritation. Hope you'll be fine~ Good luck!!!