So exactly one week ago, I had a very mild sore throat starting, but sort of one of those... "this is the flu coming on" sore throats. Sure enough, over the next few days, I started sneezing, I had a mild headache, the sore throat got worse, I had a very runny nose, body fatigues... just felt like a flu to me. Then I did one of the stupid things I've done in a long, long time. I played about an hour and a half of soccer on Wednesday. I have a feeling it very likely made the respiratory problems from whatever I had/have worse. So yesterday I wake up, I've got the body aches going on, a heavy cough, sore throat, spitting up mucus like none other. Later toward the night, I started to feel better in some ways. I wasn't coughing nearly as much, the body aches had largely subsided, my throat wasn't sore in the hurting sense, but it does feel like there's sort of a lingering "lump" where it's not particularly painful or difficult to swallow, it's just an odd sensation. BUT there is a mild pain in the upper-center of my chest exclusively when I swallow. When I woke up this morning, that lump sensation and the upper chest pain from swallowing were the only symptoms I have left. 

Does anyone have this kind of experience coming off a flu or a really bad cough?