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what would help with throat, chest pains and a cough. im 16 and i started smoking cigarettes around 4 months ago . i have asthma and when i first started i got a bad cough and it just went away. i smoke like a pack a day and my cough came back a couple days ago and i got sick. i havent really cut back at all but im not as sick today and my throat and chest just started hurting really bad today, and it also hurts to breath.what should i do to stop the throat/chest pains and cough?


Smoking can weaken your immune system. A pack a day is FAR too much.. I used to smoke as well for about 4 years and i was constantly sick. I quit about 7 months ago and I've barely been sick. So my advice would be to please cut down to even like half a pack a day and keep a write down how your throat and chest feels as you are smoking less. Being allergic to some chemicals cigarettes is a possibility as well.

Anyways, i'm not trying to sound annoying and preach, but I mean smoking is just horrible for your health and is a lot of money. Quitting now will be better and easier than later. Please just consider it.The biggest motivation for me is the reason that I want to have a family one day and I don't want my kids to be raised around cigarettes.

Hope you feel better !