I have had my nose and several internal muscles, etc. removed due to what has been explained as squamous cell carcinoma. Research indicates the primary cause of this cancer is sun exposure. I have also received extensive surgery on my lower lip and have had other surgeries to remove squamous cell carcinoma. All cancers have been restricted to my face. I was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam in 1968 & 1969. VA presumptive lists include soft tissue sarcoma but deny claims based on squamous cell carcinoma. In my research I have found a definition of carcinosarcoma, a malignant tumor that is a mixture of carcinoma and sarcoma. My records indicate reviews of CT and other scans prior to receiving 40 hours of radiation. In those reviews, there were concerns that my cancer was also in the bone and that radiation may not remove the cancer. This is exactly what happened. After radiation, the cancer remained and had to be removed by surgery. Please provide me with any information or history on carsinosarcoma. I have a real problem believing the sun could have caused cancer deep inside my nasal cavity and would like research material concerning carsinosarcoma. Thank You.