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Ayurveda is a boon for humankind as this medical system exists in mutual corelation with Mother Nature. The ayurvedic medicines help cure ailments in a natural and persistent manner. Nature's healing hand is said to be felt through Ayurveda. The medicines used in this treatment approach are extracted from plants, animals, minerals, oils, spirits, waxes, resins, soils, and other components and ingredients constituting the cosmos.The patient comes into intimate connection with Nature and her healing effect through this natural and green medical science. Nature is given a major chance to act on the human body and cure diseases in a natural way. The medicines along with a moderated lifestyle according to Ayurvedic principles can work wonders with one's health.

***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed and treatments help body to heal and rejuvenate. Detoxifying the body is an important process in Ayurveda and the medicines are effective in attaining the same. The medicines if taken correctly can ameliorate the most chronic illness and restore health and natural balance. Nowadays, Ayurvedic medicines are produced at mass level through mechanization due to the growth in demand. However, traditional techniques and processes of preparing concoctions at home still exist. The elements constituting any Ayurvedic drug exists in its natural form and when administered to a patient, reacts effectively without causing any after-effect. Ayurvedic medicine system is said to be ever evolving and is undergoing many researches. This science is however found to be complementing rather than replacing the other forms of medical science.


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