I am a 52 year old woman and recently began waking up with a feeling of nausea, and am losing my appetite. The symptoms happened suddenly. I am eating, but really have to force myself. My abdomen is swollen and extended and I'm belching frequently. My abdomen feels tender and spongy when I touch it. I have some trouble breathing due to a spinal curvature and feel tired lately. I am not pregnant.

I occasionally have bowel problems, especially diarrhea, for which I take immodium. I recently had a blood work-up done and everything was normal except for my cholesterol, which showed a high LDL.

I have severe scoliosis which has gotten worse despite surgery when I was a teenager. I live with a broken rod in my spine and I've lost an inch of height in the past two years. There has been an increase in my rib rotation and I have a large rib hump. I still get my periods, and recent pelvic sonograms show intermitten cysts on my ovaries. I don't know if there is a relation between the cysts and my sudden feeling of nausea. I take the medication Neurontin for a seizure disorder, but I've been taking it for years and have had no problems. with it. I also take Glucosamine/Chondroitin and fish oil capsules for arthritis.

Three weeks ago my husband and I had new windows put into our house and they used a very toxic and horrible smelling industrial caulk, which made me (and my husband) so sick we had to have it removed and latex was put in its place. But I was exposed the the fumes for a week, and had constant headaches, red eyes and nausea.

I'm very concerned and would like to know what can be causing my sudden stomach problems, and if it can be from any of the things I've mentioned above. I'm especially concerned about my exposure to the window caulking, since that is a new thing. I appreciate any advice or help.