I am a 19 year old female. One year ago I noticed that I would easily go an entire day before I realized that I hadn't eaten anything. I assumed it was stress as I had just begun college. But I really wasn't that stressed and it has only gotten worse. I started experiencing daily nausea. I wake up with nausea on most mornings. I often wake up having to go #2 badly. Because of the nausea, I have stopped eating a lot. I rarely feel hungry and on the rare occasion that I do, if I don't eat immediately the hunger passes and leaves me feeling nauseous or full. Even when I should be hungry I often feel full. I try to force feed myself but after a few bites the nausea gets too bad and it feels like if I take one more bite I will vomit immediately. Also, after eating my stomach makes weird noises that sound like hunger but feel like my stomach is turning over and usually sends me to the bathroom. I have lost 15 pounds without trying and am reaching the "underweight" section for my height. My stool has also been very loose and I often go #2 anywhere from 2-5 times a day. I have occasional diahhrea (anywhere from 3-15 times a month) and have experienced an increase in gassyness. I've had a blood test, upper and lower endoscopy, all resulting normal. I was known as the girl who ate a lot and had a metabolism. Now I'm constantly fatigued and struggling to keep my weight above underweight. I haven't been this weight since 8th grade, 6 years ago. My malnutrition has caused my usual lightheadedness (which I've had for years) to advance into me passing out and waking up on the floor. Anyone have any idea what's wrong with me? My uncle and grandpa have severe celiacs disease but my doctor told me I don't have it.