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I"m pretty much at my wits end.  I had a root canal in febuary and had to go on antibiotics, which may not be related but i'm throwing it out there.  Ever since then i've had severe loss of appetite, constant nasuea and abominal pain, bloating along with severe headachs.  I am a home cook and have a cooking website, and I can't stand the smell of food. I've lost over 20 lbs, and my whole life is on hold.  I'm on proilosec for a hital hernia they found and zofran for the nasuea, but it's really not helping at all.  I've had blood tests for infection, an ultrasound on my gallbladder and spleen, a ct on my abdomen, an mri on my head and a scope down my throat and they haven't found anything that would be responsible for my symptoms and I'm not getting any better. I do not have gallstones, celiac's disease or a stomach infection, and I am not pregnant. My dr and I are both at our wits ends, any suggestions are appreciated!!

Thank you.


Have your doctors not recommended you any other type of treatment for hiatal hearnia other than Prilosec? It seems to me, since all other tests results are clear, that hernia is what is behind this horrible symptoms you are going through. That is because having hiatal hernia means that part of your stomach has gotten twisted, together with nerves and blood vessels that control acidity (that is the most likely cause for your nausea) and every other normal digestive function of your stomach. Prilosec and Zofran are just dealing with the symptoms, I think that you will have to get a second opinion focused on hernia itself - it is relatively easily treatable by not so complicated surgery.