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I've been having so many problems.. I have severe nausea,abdomen pain, sometimes I have night sweats , I have swollen lymphnodes in abdomen. I've had blood work,upper scope done,cat scan of brain.. The dr can't figure it out has any one had any problems? I've also been in hospital 3 times in 4 months with tons of antibiotics pumped through me..i also have a knot on my neck that's been there for at least 3 months.... Help!!


Hello Christie,

Your swollen lumps may be indicating that you have an infection of sorts.  You doctor can test you for some infections but not all.  Given that you have been on antibiotics  for some time would suggest that your normal flora are out of balance particularly in the large intestine.  You might try taking some probiotics to replace the good bacteria you killed off with medications and see if that does any good.  It is possbile to get a prescription for probiotics that work really well.  In the meatime, try and drink milk with health bacteria in it and have some yogurt.  I wish you the best.