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Alright, so... I was just sitting here, perfectly fine for the entire day when all of a sudden, I begin to feel weird. It felt like my stomach had just been lit on fire and my heart began to slow down. 


Now, my pulse is abnormal (I can feel it pounding against my chest, even though it jumps from being fast, then down to really slow like it could stop at any second), my ears hurt, everything is really loud and really bright, and I feel like I'm going to throw up and that heated feeling in my stomach is rising and now it's kind of like a radiating/pulsating feeling. 


I tried to eat some triscuits, but the second I swallowed it, I felt very feverish and the nausea increased. I've taken some gravol, and it hasn't done anything.


Right now, I'm making mild-tasting soup (watered down) in hopes of it helping while I'm now dealing with a cold sweat. I feel cold, but at the same time, feel like I'm wrapped in multiple blankets.. I've got a headache as well and any kind of movement makes my vision blurry. Any idea on what this could be? 



Hello HisEvilTwin,

All of your systems could be a manifestation of anxiety.  Are you under stress at this time.  Has something bad happened or are you under financial strain?  All of these things and more can contribute to your symptoms.  I suggest you see a doctor but in the meantime you might want to try taking a natural supplement known as GABA.  This is an amino acid that is a neurotransmitter that inhibits the brain which can help with your anxiety.  Anxiety occurs when the brain is over excited and you have too much electrical activity.  The GABA supplement is relatively inexpensive and should work for you right away.  This will help you feel calm and have a sense of well being.