I am a 17 (almost 18) year old female, and I have been suffering from multiple stomach problems for a while now. Since i was at least 13, I've had bad luck with my stomach, starting with gastritis when i was in 6th grade. I was prescribed a medicine for that, and it seemed to help. My stomach felt better until October of 2012. I started getting chest pains while I was in school, and had to leave so my mother could take me to the emergency room. While there, they discovered that i was impacted with feces. They gave me a few enemas and I felt better, until February of 2013.

Starting in February, I began getting chest pains, extreme nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and just feeling plain crappy. I get stabbing pains around my belly button and sometimes on my right side while i'm walking, other times, on my left side when I'm just sitting around. Sometimes I'll even get stabbing pains in my upper stomach, in between my ribs. 

I've been to the hospital 6 times since February and all they keep telling me is that I'm constipated. They give me Xrays, decide that it's feces, and tell me to leave. They've made me change my diet. I started to eat triscuits, wheat thins, activia, and apple sauce for a month. All it did was made me feel more bloated. I did enemas, and I still didn't feel any better. One day, I went to the gastroenterologist, and she prescribed me a medication that was supposed to make me have a major bowel movement to cleanse my entire system. I took it at 3PM on a Tuesday, and the next morning, I woke up at 10AM with extreme abdominal pain, so strong that I couldn't move. I walked to the bathroom and thought that maybe it was just a bowel movement preparing or something, but then I became extremely dizzy, shaky, and clammy. I was actually calling for my mom to bring me a cold, wet towel while I was laying on the floor. a few minutes after that, I vomited to the point where I was literally gasping for breath and couldn't breathe. After that, I had one, tiny bowel movement.

After that day my mom called the gastroenterologist and they told me to start using miralax. I did, and nothing happened. No bowel movements at all. Now all that's happening is that my stomach is getting worse. The only food I can keep down is Ramen Noodles, which are horrible for your health because of the amount of salt in them. Yet I can't eat anything else without getting severely nauseous or vomiting. My stomach is bloated (I believe it's called distended?), and the left side, around the belly button, and below the belly button, are tender to the touch. The only time I actually feel fine is, shockingly, during my period. I've also started to become very irritated and moody, for example, I've been crying over everything, getting mad over stupid things, etc. and there is NO CHANCE that I am pregnant, not at all.

Any idea as to what this could be? I'm getting very frustrated with just being told that I'm constipated and that's it, because I'm pretty sure if i was, all of the medicine would've helped at least a little bit. 

Any extra information that you may need are that I am 4'11 (maybe 5 feet, i was off by a half of an inch last time i got measured) and I currently weigh 75 lbs. I was weighing 86 lbs, until everything with my stomach started. Then my weight started dropping.

The only conditions running in my family that I know of are chronic migraines and endometriosis, which has been ruled out due to the fact that I don't have excruciating pain during my period. Other than those two, I'm unsure, seeing as though my mother was adopted.

Sorry for writing so much, I just really need to know what could be wrong. If you've taken the time to read this, thank you so much.