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I'm pretty sure I have a UTI, little bit of blood at the end cause it feels like I still have to pee and keep trying.

Side effect of Phenibut maybe? That's the only thing I've done differently lately anyone experience this?



I'm not aware of any problems with Phenibut and urinary problems.  If you have blood in your urine, chances are  you have a urinary tract infection.  You should be having a sense of urgency, discomfort (pain) and feel like you have to go a lot of the time.  Phenibut is used to treat anxiety and it is very similar to GABA.  GABA is an amino acid that is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain.  It keeps your brain from getting over excited.  I know a number of people who take Phenibut whether for general anxiety or opiate withdrawal.  None of them have come up with urinary problems.