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hello everyone i have been reading alot of what u guys are saying im 31 years old and i have been takeing panic attacks and anxiety attacks for years now sence i was 16 and i can feel my heart going fast but was told that was cuz i have panic attacks i no how many of you guys feel i get scare when i can feel like my heart is pounding the time to remeber just take a deep breath and relax also my family does take them to.... it can just happen out of the blue whenj it hit you they dnt have to be any reason for y it is happen but it dnt last long i no mine dnt anyways i do get scared when im going though them and lot of ppl dnt understand what ur going though they think ur gone nuts or something im glad im not alone in this



Panic attacks are serious and require medical attention.  There are many forms of anxiety and you need to be properly diagnosed.  Then a therapy can be established for you.  You might try taking a natural supplement known as GABA.  It is an amino acid naturally produced in the brain and it the major inhibitory neurotransmitter that keeps the brain from getting over excited.  Many people swear by it and have good results.  It simply helps you to relax in a natural way with no side effects.  It is inexpensive to buy as well.  Many discount stores like Kmart or Target have it in their natural supplement area where the vitamins are.  You might also try taking another amino acid known as hydroxytryptophan.  It is the precursor of serotonin the "feel good" neurotransmitter.  It gives you a sense of well being an peace of mind.  



Hi Guest

The symptom of a pounding heart that you describe is common during the course of a panic attack. Other symptoms that you may experience are:
- shortness of breath
- dizziness
- unwanted thoughts
- a feeling of being out of touch with reality

As you are anxious during a panic attack it is likely that your body is tense because your muscles are tight and your mind is racing. Some techniques that can help include:
- muscle relaxation whereby you first relax the muscles in your legs then progress through upper body relaxing muscles as you go
- when your body is relaxed lightly close your eyes and slow your breathing whilst concentrating on each breath in and out

The good news is that panic attacks can be managed and you will be able to lead a normal and fulfilling life without the fear of the onset of another anxiety attack. Self help courses available on the internet are a viable option but if your symptoms persist don't hesitate to seek professional medical advice.