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Hello I am twenty years old.

I started working out a few months ago to help get myself back into shape, however my shoulder blade has started hurting. I don't believe its left of my shoulder blade or right of it, instead I feel as though its right smack in the middle of it. It's almost like a vibrating but piercing pain. It occurs randomly. Once this pain started I stopped working out. Then a couple days ago I wanted to try working out again.. I started with just simply running through the park, and as I was walking up the hill it occured. But not heavily, it was a slight pain but I could tell what it was. Now as I am sitting at work its here again. Its a piercing pain and its been about a hour now. Sometimes it stays for an hour to two hours or its here for 15 mins or less.. what is going on? I havent seen a doctor yet but i plan on it. I am just hoping it wont be a slipped disc or something else...?


That doesn't sound like the usual spot for what I'm about to say, but it's pretty close so in the ball park.

1. It sounds like you have a computer job/spend time in front of a computer.

2. There's no such thing as a slipped disk.  And the symptoms you describe don't sound like a bulg or rupture.  Potentially could be of course, but it's not the first thing that comes to mind.

3.  When the scalenes (the muscles on the front and side of your neck that connect neck bones to ribs [basically]) get tight, then get stuck tight.  When they're tight, and/or when you don't have enough Magnesium for the muscles to function optimally (we can all use more magnesium) then they get stuck in spasm.  This can be tiny little spasm that you don't consciously feel, but your body feels it. 

For whatever reason, it seems that when the scalenes are unhappy, you feel in back in the/under the/right at the shoulder blade.  Thus people that area massage, but never really feel like the 'spot' was found/gotten to.


4.  A.  Look to the floor, hook your finders into the crook between your neck and collar bone, hold your fingers there like you're pinning the tissue, then slowly look up (any of a variety of angles), turn your head different directions, etc.  You'll feel it.  Then if you want stick a finger(s) into your neck muscles, anwhere, and do the same thing. Be careful, you'll feel the stretch.

B. At home, lay backwards over a big exercise ball or the arm of a couch (be careful).  At the computer we're hunched forward (neck, shoulders, etc).  Reverse that by taking everything backwards (neck, shoulders/arms, etc). 

It might take a while and some repetition, and usually when you're feeling what you're feeling it's pissed off so there's no immediate fix, but if you do the right things you can speed up the time it takes for pain to go away, and then keep it away.