Hi All,

i have been suffering from what i can only describe as some kind of throat disorder for over 3 months. my symptoms are red at both sides of the throat and the dangly bit, no swollen glands or fever. my mouth is always dry and throat raw. i have been taken omezerpole, then zantac with peptic for acid reflux. i have no heartburn or regurgitating of food. i have been sleeping elevated, haven't been eating anything spicy or after 7 and still have a sore throat for over 3 months and i am so depressed.every waking minute of every day. and to top it all off i have been sleeping for 8-10 hours each night and wakening up knackered all day. i have pains in my shoulders and back that seem to come and go. dr says i have to be patient for the meds to work. how long is that. i also went to the ent dr and told her my throat is red and sore and after the camera went up my nose and down my throat i left with the doc words and i quote "you have a sore throat and its red. can anyone shed any light on this tormenting disorder.


thanks Rod