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I have this feeling of a lump in my throat, much like when you get upset, only it has been constantly there for about two months now and never goes away there is also a clicking or piping sensation in my throat when I swallow, also constantly there however it doesn't occur when I swallow while looking up or to the right only when forward, left down or straight, my ENT said it was stress and gave me acid reducers to take for two months and sent me to have a barium swallow test, I just finished them a few days ago and they have done nothing, if anything it is slightly worse, not long ago it started feeling as if there was something stuck at the bottom of my throat (much like when a burp doesn't quite make it out and you squeeze the push it) only when I try to push it out the sensation worsens, I have learned to let it be, does absolutely anyone know anything about this or has experienced anything similar? The ENT stuck a camera through my sinuses (which was terrible btw) to see my voice box, he then told me he was sure it wasn't cancer and was fairly certain that this was all stress induced ( in all fairness I have been under more stress than usual lately but I very much doubt it is responsible for all of this) this has been both driving me crazy and a source of great concern for me for over two months now


I've also been experiencing the same symptoms for the past year (39yr old male) - and I'm hoping that my reply will put you at ease a bit.  For months and months, I stressed over the possibility that I had cancer - to the point of making myself physically ill.  I'd seen my GP several times and tried all kinds of things - low doses of  Zantac and Nexium, Maalox, nasal sprays etc etc.  I also had two separate endoscopes which only showed mild sinus inflammation. When those things didn't work, I was finally issued orders for a head x-ray and barium swallow.  The head x-ray resulted in nothing, but the barium swallow showed what my ENT labeled "massive acid reflux".  He put me on a dose of Zantac in the morning and Nexium in the evening.  He also instructed me to avoid acidic foods/drinks and foods/drinks high in fat and caffeine.  Things have been better - not to say that there are not bad days - but it's improved.  Hope you find a solution to your issues.  Just take my advise and don't make yourself sick thinking it's something terrible like cancer until you get your barium swallow.