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Hi There

I am 24 and from Johannesburg South Africa, about 2 months ago I started getting a dry cold feeling at the back of my throat I thought that it was just an sinus infection went to my local GP and he told me its a mild throat infection gave me some anti-biotics and still the sensation would not go away.

I went back to him last Monday and explained that the cold dry sensation is still there and I am not sure what it is and I am really getting worried as a sore throat should not last for longer then 2 weeks..once again he diagnosed me with sinusitus and gave me more medication which still did not help!!!!

I have spent a fortune on trying to get better and I am not getting that far I am really scared and made an appointment with the ENT for next week Tuesday. Before the sensation started I use to get a strong pain on the left side of my chest and a sensation of food getting stuck in my throat all of that has gone away but yet I still have this weird cold and dry feeling at the back of my throat.

I have tried the honey I have gone on a detox diet but I still feel the same I mean I dont have a fever and I do not feel weak but I feel uncomfortable.

Please if any one knows what I can use for now I would really appreciate it! Also is it worth my while going to a ENT Specialist ? Or will I be wasting my money???

I am sorry for the long explanation its just that I am very paranoid at the moment thinking of all sorts of Throat and esophagus cancers ....



I've had the exact same problem recently. The only thing I can link it to was that I started getting a sore throat, then it felt like there was food stuck in my threat (or I had some sort of indigestion), then it just felt cold in my throat and I don't know why. I know I had a few very spicy meals in between and I thought that may have something to do with the sensation. It's weird. And I also think it's weird that no one has posted any answer to this symptom.



Thank you for your reply,

I have been for a check up about 2 weeks ago to an ENT Specialist , my throat was in a perfect condition and he could not pick up any diseases.

However I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux which I kind of expected as I did alot of research with regards to my problem.

He put me on medication which I am only allowed to take in the morning before I eat and then Gaviscon at Night after my meal which should be taken before 19:00pm. I feel much better now I dont have that cold dry annoying feeling at the back of my throat any more , he also suggested eating the right type of food as its no point taking the medication if you not have a well balanced diet meaning no milk, no coffee, no spicy food, no fizzy drinks which I have been avoiding I mean I do cheat atleast once a week but I really feel much much better.

I will get you the name of the medication I am on I do not have it with me and cannot remember the name, but I do suggest seeing an ENT it worked for me.

He also said that if my symptoms were not improving he would then refer me to a gastroenterologist for a barium swallow which would be the next step and if they dont pick up anyting then I would have seen a neurologist lucky for me I am much better now.

I would suggest since you experiencing similiar symptoms as mine visit an ENT and then take it from there...

Please let me know..

Good Luck.



The medication is called Lansoloc ask your doctor it really works...


Hi there, 

I am also having the same problem. It started 3 days ago. I guess this happened when I'm wearing perfume around my neck. But I will give it another test to find out what's causing this problem by not spraying any perfume for a whole week or two and will keep you posted, I had the same problem before this Cold, Dry Sensation came back, but after I stopped using perfume the Cold, Dry Sensation disappeared, I can't assume just yet, but I will be helpful to test things. I have booked in to see an E.N.T. Specialist to have a look and see what they can do, at the same time getting my ears checked, or it could be my hearing impairment affecting this, maybe. 



I to have a cold sensation in my lower throat. I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. No other symptoms. Off for a thyroid scan in 3 weeks