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Im been wondering for along time now.

On my penis head theres big hole were your pee comes out and semen and abit to top of that hole theres another hole but i would not call it a hole where u pee or semen comes out.. is that normal and what do you call it?

I do hope its not hypospadias.

Im age 17 btw..


could well be, from what you've said

Depends where the main hole is on your penis head. Hypospadias results in the working hole being below where it should be, either at the bottom of the head, or further down. A few guys appear to have two holes, in the usual place, but only one works. In this case it's usually the lower one that works

why not google for hypospadias and see what you can find out, or go ask your doctor?

it isnt the end of the world if it is, far from it, after all, you could be a lot worse off! It still works, you'll still be able to start a family, and most people won't notice it - after all, if its taken you 17 years to realise it might not be quite normal, anyone who gets to benefit from it won't notice as they'll be far more interested in you and not that your penis looks *slightly* different to most!