So my period has been crazy the last 10 months. Starting Aug 21 I had a 45 day period, it stop for 2 weeks the went for roughly 30 days stopped for 2 weeks and went again for roughly 30 days all of this finally wrapping up Dec 30. So then I didn’t have a period again til Feb 21 and that went 10-14 days. Then I had a really lite one first week of April then another April 26-May 18 then again May 24 til now. I’ve been going to an OBGYN during all this had all kinds of lab work and nothing. Finally got referee to a Fertility and Urologist and all my lab work came back fine. Ultrasound fine and sonohistogram fine. He said no polyps, no fibroids, and he couldn’t see endometriosis but that could only be confirmed with a laparoscopic surgery. No menopause either and there’s no reason I couldn’t get pregnant. Also I’m 34 have hypothyroidism and have migraines and the last time I was on bc I had a migraine for a month straight. Also after Dec sex started to be extremely uncomfortable and it never was before at all. The doctor has said the only thing he can see that throwing off my periods is I’m just not ovulating normally. My periods have always been irregular but this is ridiculous. Like before I’d go maybe 40 days and then I had have a 10ish day period but nothing ever like this. And sex will either start my period or restart it right when it’s dying down. Like I’m about to lose my mind! Is this really because I’m not ovulating normally? Or is it endometriosis because of the bleeding and pain. Or both? Help!