First of all i am someone with irregular period. By started from Jan, all seemed to be fine and i get my period all month.

I had my period on 21 dec 2012. Had unprotected sex with my bf on 7 jan 2013. We used the pull out method. But what has been worrying me is about the pre-cum, since he did  ejaculate before we have sex. 

As months passed by, i had my period every month which was on Jan, Feb, March, April and May. All lasted as normal 6 - 7 days. I didn't have any pregnancy symptom either. We had tested for like 9 HPT and all came out negative. Used 3 clear blue digital and normal HPT. 

Well i guess maybe im too paranoid. By right it should be 5 months after 21 December 2012. But then, by any chance, do you think i'm pregnant, since i had my periods, no symptom, 9 negative hpt ( all in the morning, first wake up ) ?


Thank you for your opinion my friends. Just feel like need someone to talk with. Appreciate it.