Bupropion, the therapy used by those who were quitting smoking, will get concurrence on the market as a new drug will be introduced in August this year. A new drug will be called Varenicline. Varenicline showed to be efficient in reducing craving and decreasing withdrawal symptoms. The studies done on the drug showed that out of 2,000 smokers 44% managed to abstain from smoking comparing to 30% of those who were taking Bupropion.
However, the doctors are not satisfied with Varenicline’s results and are reporting that it is less effective than they planned it to be. They are facing the fact that there may never be a super drug that would help a smoker quit the nasty habit.
Many people who entered the study just dropped out because they were experiencing adverse events but it was not stated what kind of adverse effects.

Varenicline will be sold under the name Chantix and is planned to be available by prescription in August this year. It is not a non-nicotine drug but works by producing more dopamine in the brain activating the reward feeling in the brain. It is said to reduce the desire for a cigarette, blunts the withdrawal symptoms and blocks the effects of cigarettes.