Smoking wipes 10 years off a person's life on an average but giving up at any age brings huge benefits. Quitting smoking was not easy but it might as well become so.
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals has produced a nicotine vaccine called 'NicVax' to helps smokers quit the bad habit. The vaccine works by producing antibodies that bind to nicotine, preventing much of the nicotine from entering the brain. This should highly reduce pleasurable effects that smoking provides.

The trial lasted 38 weeks and involved 68 smokers who were given three different doses of the vaccine. 38% of the people in the study who were given high doses managed to stop smoking for at least a month. The vaccine showed to be safe and well tolerated.

Before it gets out, more questions needs to be answered: How long the vaccine stays effective and if it could help prevent relapses in people who have quit smoking.