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Im renting this new house and I was in the basement looking at the duct work. The ducts in some areas looked like its wrapped in white tape and the conncector things on the ceiling. Some of its a little damaged like peeling in a bunch of areas. How dangerous really is this? I just cant get the money to fix it. Also my house is really old.


Hi, well if the house is built before 1970 there's a good chance you have asbestos. Because, the law came out around that time that banned it from using it in construction. Asbestos is really dangerous and can cause a lot of respiratory problems if you inhale some it. The best way to be safe is to call a contractor who can tell you if thats asbestos or not. And even if it is he can always remove it for you if necessary. Yes, it might be somewhat expensive, but not necessarily , i mean how much does your health cost? Call a contractor, check for asbestos and then negotiate the price.


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You're renting a new home that's very old?

I think they are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

From what I have read about it there are two types of asbestos that have been used. One is light gray or nearly white and comes from North America. During the war (WWII) they were using so much of it in the shipyards they had to find another source, They began importing a different type from South Africa, which is the bad stuff. That is dark gray and was used primarily in warships of the day. Many years later, some of the workers who spent their days applying that stuff in the shipyards came down with mesothelioma.

It's my opinion that some lawyers saw an opportunity to get rich by exploiting those workers and we now have the media blasting us about it.

When there is a settlement the lawyers will get most of it and the people who suffered will get a few dollars each.

There was a huge asbestos mine in Thetford Mines, Quebec when I was a kid. I remember riding into the town in my father's car and thinking how neat it was to have all the trees and everything decorated up like Christmas in the middle of summer. How disappointed I was to learn it wasn't snow, it was asbestos. If that asbestos is so bad, why haven't we been barraged with stories about everyone who lived there, dying from it?

You'd think the lawyers would all be up there and leaving us alone here in the US. Oh yeah, the US government probably has deeper pockets than the mine owners and maybe Canada doesn't allow those types of lawsuits.