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I have a serious problem. Down in the ducts in my basement is asbestos tape. Its very damaged. I know that it needs to be removed but I'm only 15 and cannot convince my parents. Also we rent, and i noticed the last three houses ive been in have had this tape around the ducts. Whats the chances of it being asbestos, and whats the chace of this affecting me down the road. Even if I live with it for 3 more years whats the chances of it affecting me later on in life. Most people who deal with the affects work with alot of it right? Thanks.


Hi Alex,

If it's intact, the tape, then it should not really be of a concern.  Don't mess with it.

It may not be asbestos.  It would need to be tested to confirm.

Long term exposure can cause problems, if the fibers are in the air, yes.  Again, if it is encapsulated, covered, then it shouldn't be a concern.

Hope it helps.