Strange discrimination is taking place in fertility clinics in New Zealand.
According to the sources, gay men are not allowed to donate sperm. Such attitude certainly causes disappointment and anger among gay population.

What is discrimination based on? Policy makers believe that gays are more prone to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases as if the sperm is not being tested before fertilization and as if straight people don’t engage in unprotected sex and are not prone to STD’s. HIV and AIDS represent a problem of every man and woman today no mater their sexual preferences.

The fertility clinic will accept gay man’s sperm only if the recipient of the sperm agrees to it.
It is very well known and researchers report again that sperm of gay men doesn’t carry genes that determine gay characters in the offspring.

This kind of discrimination should not happen in a modern world we live in, where technology is so developed to enable proper testings and detection of any disease.

Will Gay man press charges?