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HIYA, I have lots of hypos, am I normal? I've heard that type 2s have a problem with hypos but I don't know anyone with diabetes other than myself. I'm not sure about how to interpret all the sugar level ranges and what they really mean. I could be that I'm okay but on the other hand maybe not. Could someone help me to understand what is actually hypo. I don't really have any symptoms associated with my hypos. I just know my blood sugar appears to be low. I did learn that the sugar monitors can be off as much as 20 percent which could really make a difference. If that's true maybe I don't have a problem. Can anyone help me? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks


Hi, I think many people experience many hypos and wonder if they are normal. This is a tricky question but really what it boils down to is that your normal blood sugar isn't really normal. You know you have your fasting blood sugar measurements and you have a hemoglobin A1c measurement. You also have a post-meal oral test (OGGT) that you can use. According to the medical community fasting blood glucose should be less than 99 if you are not diabetic, 100-125 if you are prediabetic and greater than 126 if you have diabetes. Your HA1c should be less than 6 if you don't have diabetes, 6-6.4 if your pre-diabetic and greater than 6.4 if you have diabetes. Normal (nondiabetic) OGGT (measured 2 hours after a meal) is less than 140, between 140-199 if pre-diabetic and greater than 200 if you are diabetic.


If you have lots of hypos but they are mild, you probably will be alright and overly it sounds like your normal. Type 2s tend to have lots of hypos. So based on that you sound okay. You haven't mentioned what your fasting sugar levels are so I can't say much beyond that. If you have further concerns, talk with your diabetes manager and see what they have to say. You may need to eat more often to keep you sugar levels more constant.