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Hi , my name is Melissa ! And i haven't ate in the past 4 days , and usually all I want to do is eat . Many people believe I am pregnant , because while I was pregnant with my son I lost my whole appetite and had to force myself to eat . Unfortunately If I make myself eat it comes right back up . I'm starting to hear noises and see things that I know arnt there ... I feel drained so now all I want to do is sleep. Seems like I'm always tired . I also recently found out that my mother is really sick . So my anxiety is thru the roof and I have panic attacks left and right ! Can some one please help me understand what's going on ! Thank you


Hi Melissa

First thing first, if you suspect pregnancy - do a pregnancy test or visit a doctor who can conduct tests to detect presence or absence of pregnancy. As for your mother, find out if she needs medical help? or just a word of soothing sweet voice of a daughter.

As for loss of appetite - I can vouch that pregnancy effects women in all sort of different ways. Sight, smell or noise can just wreck havoc. So, calm down. Investigate each step one at a time. Find out what triggers a panic attack? Have the habit of writing down what causes these panic attacks? Maybe your doctor can help you out? Good luck