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Ok this has never happened to me before until i started back school about 3 weeks ago. and this how my morning starts everyday.
wake up/ get nervous and has panic attacks/ walks around to calm myself/ goes to the bathroom/diarrhea =(/ feel sick all morning/feel like im about to puke/i cant eat anything at all/ get to school & sit at my desk all day and cant focus on my work and wait for my stomach to stop hurting/about a hour in to school i eventually feel better/
get out of school, go home, try to shove something down my throat. but i really dont have an appetite for anything.
Even drinking orange juice or chewing gum iin the morning i immediatley start to dry heave like im about to puke.

my diet used to be pretty healthy but i barely have time to care for it anymore, because of school and my nervousness, i probably only eat 700 cals a day or maybe even less, I CANT EAT!. i just dont know what to do!?
and i dont want to go to the doctor and he says oh i think you might have an eating disorder and gives me pills to make me hungry>i dont want that, im at a normal weight and i dont want to get fat. 5'3 /127 pounds/female/ 

please help me!!!!!!!!!!!:'(


I think you should discuss this with your doctor, he's not going to say you have an eating disorder. What you have is anxiety. You need anti anxiety meds, such as xanax or ativan to control your panic attacks. A lot of people have problems eating when they are overcome with anxiety. You're stressing way too much over school. Try to relax.


hello, i think you should change your diet though it will stop the diarrhea problem and you should a see  good doctor to overcome you panic attacks.