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I have been having horrible anxiety for the last few months, just within the last 3 days it has progressed to full fledged panic attacks. The main triggers are my health, I have had some sinus issues since March and since it hasn't gotten better, my anxiety about my health has gotten worse and worse. Now I'm to the point where my panic attacks are being brought on by the most random things about my body, being convinced I have a brain tumor, cerebral swelling, sinus cancer, any little pain or muscle spasm makes me panic. I've lost my appetite completely (i had been on anti-biotics for 3 weeks that wreaked havoc on my stomach and I couldn't eat much and I can't seem to recover). I'm terrified that if I eat I'll have diearreah and get too thin and die. I am so stressed though, I can't eat a bite. Then I start to panic that my "change" in behavior is caused by a brain tumor. Its a vicious cycle. Like other posters, I'm sad becuase I LOVE food. I've lost more weight than I'm comfortable with and I never thought I would say that. I guess just looking for some info or venting a little. I am trying to get into a new therapist and I think I'll probably need medication. I turned 28 yesterday, feel like a baby because I can't go home and be alone, I have needed to stay at my moms house for fear of these attacks.


Hi Kalen,

I am glad you have sought some help by accessing a therapist. You will probably find that talking to someone and gaining some strategies will ease your anxiety. You may find that you are able to address your anxiety issues without medication.

Here are a few tips to manage your anxiety to use in the interim:-

- when you start to panic about having a brain tumor - try some cognitive behavioural therapy and self talk. For instance, ask yourself if your thoughts are extreme, are they rational and what the likelihood is of you actually having a tumor. Try and talk yourself out of thinking that you have serious health concerns.

- Try deep breathing and as soon as you start to panic, divert your mind elsewhere - think of some calming thoughts. I know this can be easier said than done, but with practice you will be able to decrease your anxiety.

- Pick a nice, scenic route and go for a walk. Light to moderate exercise is extremely good for stress release and also decreases anxiety.

- Talk to someone about your thoughts you are having - someone who you are close to and can provide support.

- Make another visit to your medical doctor and let him or her know about your anxiety attacks. Ask him to do a full medical examination. It may be tidious but it will put your mind to rest.

I hope these are of some help to you. I wish you all the best.

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Thank you for the reply. It does help me to aknowledge that most of these medical symptoms are only increased with my anxiety and panic. For instance, I've had an increase in headaches, pressure and tight feelings in my head since the real panic attacks began. And that only makes my general anxiety worse since I attribute these additional "symptoms" to something horrible. Its like if I start to feel calm about one aspect, my mind races immediately to something else in my body to be scared of.

I have some some close friends that I can talk to, I get worried that they will soon be sick of my constant obsession with this stuff. It will be a while before I get to see my new therapist so in the mean time, its a great idea to see my regular doctor to discuss perhaps some medication to keep me calm in the interm. I'm seeing an allergist soon to deal with my real sinus and allergy issues and I'm almost hoping that he'll order a CT scan to put my mind at ease. I'll probably have a panic attack about that too! XD But thank you for the suggestions. I do appreciate it.


Hi I read your post and it was as if I had written it myself! I have recently been having panic attacks that come on for what seem to me as no reason. Mainly when Im getting settled for bed or sitting watching TV. I also worry WAY too much about something happening to me. It doesn't help that I get online to look stuff up and then all of a sudden I am convienced that I have what ever illness it is im researching. I also have a lump in my right nostril that Im going to get checked next month. Sometimes Im convinced it is a tumor, I have headaches all time as well. They tried to put me on Paxil but it was making me shakey and sick to my stomach..Good luck with your ordeal I hope everything works out for you! Keep us posted