Said to be psychological reasons are usually behind the false pregnancy Is this true and whether there are other reasons to know the mysteries of this case that make up false pregnancy.


And said specialists in obstetrics and gynecology and infertility that false pregnancy is a sense and intimation myself the situation of pregnancy and the occurrence of symptoms of mainly in menopause and swollen breasts with pain and sometimes rise gradually in the abdominal area, they think women paid their wish severe that she was pregnant, so do not imagine that happening false pregnancy a woman give birth to children normally must be sterile or reproductive desperate after a relatively long period of marriage.

Fact pregnancy symptoms Haunt women symptoms are similar to those that improve the carrier already is, they do not mean lying or claim that it is a symptom of a fact, not a fake, but causes attributable to factors other than the presence of pregnancy example menopause caused by pressuring and psychological stress severe result anguish and cravings in pregnancy,this interruption may continue for 4 to 5 months.The flatulence caused by impaired balance of hormones within the body due to the interruption of the session, which due to open the appetite and demand for eating standing, weight has been highlighting women's rumen may also constantly craves certain foods may seem as natural and protection.

I'm pregnant I feel so Just as women in general depend on the sense and intuition procedure and this is one of its advantages, but it may be an exaggerated manner, as rejects mother dismiss it is pregnant, although subject by a doctor to examine hormones and scan ultrasound, which proves the absence of the uterus any carry a possible initiative by saying ((How you say I am not pregnant)) I felt so often deliberately woman who will experience it postponed doctor long after the which has all preparations reception born and spread the good news of relatives and neighbors, but fortunately adds specialist that the proportion of those women have decreased a lot in the last five years, especially in the cities due to the spread of awareness and resorting to regular medical follow-up early.

Be realistic Returned infected women, after discovering they carry very disappointed had caused her psychological trauma varies signed from one woman to another, which requires sometimes invited to consult a psychologist to help her accept and put is that psychotherapy should be parallel experience gynecologist being her analyzes and tests possible, Then explain to her in a scientific causes of infertility treatment options, with the development of modern medicine has been possible to rely on therapeutic solutions or surgical In the worst cases do when they fail methods can resort to artificial insemination and generally can not talk about infertility and put his chance but if there is no pregnancy after marital relationship normal and regular within a period of not less than 12 months in this case, including the reasons for infertility back to men and to women 35% of women and 20% of men and 39% of the couple together and the couple together that meant a specialist to conduct the necessary tests without stalling or delay.