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Lately i've been freaking out because i think i could have intestinal parasites. I have a lot of symptoms, so my problem could be anything, but i'll tell you what's been happening to me, maybe someone can tell me what's most likely...please.
For the last week or two, I have had bad constipation followed by diarreah - kind of like bipolar of the digestive system. Anyway, in addition to this i've had gas and bloating, a weird burning sensation inside, which extends from stomach to anus - and sometimes all around in my skin. i have been tired and anxious, and even quite depressed at times. (and this may be irrelevant but some of my joints hurt). i have also noticed a have a small, skin-coloured lump on the anus, which i presume to be just an external hemroid or something.

Now i know this complaintive load of varied ailments may sound like the whine of a hypochondriac, the symptoms i have described are present and persistent. 
When i went on the internet, i first thought i had thyroid problems as that causes constipation, burning sensations and mental issues. then i thought all the symptoms were unrelated and that i'm an id**t. but looking further, i found my symptoms match some of those associated with Intestinal Parasites. including the lump (which could be an tumour/egg cyst thing) and the painful joints (worms), and would definitely fit with the digestion problems i'm having, and the gross burning bloat.        
Okay so maybe i'm drawing a long bow here, but my family recently got a rain/drinking water tank, so i may have got parasites from there.

It does look amateurish, i know. i should go to the doctor but my family don't think it's much, i'll have to tell them again.
Anyway, what the hell is happening with me? i'd just like a second opinion - i know with my numerous symptoms it could be everything, many seperate things, or nothing.

all i know is...i'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight with the thought of worms in me... it was anxiety that brought me to post this.



I totally understand your anxiety - just reading your post and the thought of having intestinal parasites... But, what you described sounds like it might have been caused by gallbladder issues as well. Do you notice any change in symptoms depending on what you eat? Usually diarrhea gets worse after eating fatty food when the gallbladder is the problem. Also, how old are you? You somehow always get to the scariest stuff when you look for symptoms online - not that gallbladder isn't something that also needs doctor's attention, so, a visit to a family doctor would be a very good idea.