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i'm a 19-year-old girl and in the past couple of weeks have found a small lump on the outside of my anus. i suffered from constipation during the summer but didnt notice this lump until october. its only recently started to get painful and i described it to my mother and she said it sounded like hemorrhoids. i started using that anusol which does sooth my anus but when i've been reading up stuff about hemorrhoids on the net and everyone says their piles are about the size of grapes or raisins!

mine is tiny. really small - i know a few of you described yours as the size of peas but i think mine might be a little smaller. is this normal for hemorrhoids? other than the size, the symptoms and everything sound like it. what do you think?

and is there anything else you think i can do other than use anusol?

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First off, if you aren't sure it is a hemorrhoid you should have a doctor take a look. If you are feeling pain or bleeding down there you don't want to take any chances that it is something scary. If you are sure that its hemorrhoids then Google effective hemorrhoid treatments and check out the first 10 or so. You should find something that will work better than anusol. There are some herbal remedies that work really fast and they are safe with no side effects. Stop Hemmorhoid Pain Now is a good site to read more. Hope it helps