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Ok, I am 23 and was on the Depo until June of 06. I started the pill and went off of it in Ocober. My bf and I had unprotected sex. I have not had a period since October 21st. It is now almost January. I took 4 home prego tests and they are negative. I also had a tets done at the doctors. I asked them for a blood test and they put me back on birth control and told me to come back in 10 days if I still don't get my period.

I am not comfortable w/that considering the following symptoms:

No period
Increase in urination
Whitish vaginal discharge
Tender breasts
Back pain
Little nausia (not vomitting)
Heart burn (I never got this before)
Increase in appetite
I am sensitive to certain smells like popcorn (this make me sick)
Do you THINK I am pregnant? Has ANYONE had any similar experiences?


hi there, i came off the pill as well on september and my periods were comming really early for a couple of months. I've been told that coming off the pill does make your periods come irregularly, however some of the symptoms you have do sound like pregnancy ones. I mean I had unprotected sex last week and I am now experiencing heartburn and nausea too.....with it being 35 days since my last period I hope i'm not pregnant.

I hope you get on ok and that you're periods come!