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Hi, I'm a 27 year old black female. I was taking bcp, but stopped at the end of June. My last period was June 24th. It's now September 18th and I have not bled. I have milk leaking from both breast and they ate very tender. I frequently use the bathroom and I have what I think is morning sickness. I have taken 4 hpt and they all said negative. What is wrong with me?!



If you are sure you waited long enough before taking a pregnancy test and/or tested several times, days or even weeks apart, you are probably not pregnant and your morning sickness/nausea, tender and leaking breasts, and lack of periods are caused by something else. There's also a rare chance you could be dealing with false negative pregnancy tests. 

Because your symptoms are concerning if you are not pregnant and because you need prenatal care if you are, I would get to a doctor ASAP to figure out what is going on. 

Good luck!!! (And don't delay, please!)