I was on on the nuva ring and have stopped it in hopes of ttc. Ive been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for approximatly 3 weeks now, nausea, heartburn, tiredness, moodiness, very tender and sore breast and headaches. About a week or so ago I spotted for about a day and then it stopped, now i have all the symptoms but tender/sore breast and some days i feel pretty good and somedays im sick to my stomach and dont eat some meals cuz the nausea and heartburn gets worse. Ive taken 2 home pregnancy tests and all have had a negative result. should I make an appointment to see a doctor to get tested or should I just wait it out and see what happens? Please help Im desperate because the same thing happen a year ago and I just believed I wasn't pregnant cuz of the test and I miscarried a month after testing and I had been two months pregnant. Should I test in another month to make sure since it happened last time? I dont know so worried and confused.