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My last period was 29th october,i always come on around the same date each month,my period stopped about 5 days later,then about 10 days later i had spotting for about 4-5 days,ive missed my last period,which should of been nearly 3 weeks ago,ive taken a pregnancy test but it was negative,ive had all other symptoms aswell such as sore breasts,feeling really tired,feeling bloated and my belly has got bigger,ive had heartburn and been craving terrys chocolate orange really bad haha :-)
Do you think maybe i could be pregnant,hope so xxxxx



Those aren't necessarily pregnancy symptoms. If you have a missed period and negative pregnancy test, chances are that you really aren't pregnant because pregnancy tests are really quite reliable. The bloating, sore breasts, and fatigue really point to some kind of hormonal imbalance. Spotting can be caused by that as well. 

If you don't trust it, you could consider seeing a doctor, though unless you are in pain or experiencing some pretty out there symptoms some will tell you to only come in if you miss three periods. 

Oh, by the way, if you've recently come off birth control to start TTC that is an obvious cause of a hormonal imbalance.