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I was on on the nuva ring and I took a weeks worth of antibiotics. Ive been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for approximatly 3 weeks now, nausea, vomitting, tiredness, moodiness, very tender and sore breast and milky discharge. a week ago I spotted for about 3 days and then it stopped, i had a week until my period was due when I started spotting, now the symptoms have slowed down some days i feel pretty good and somedays im tired and sick. Ive taken 4 home pregnancy tests and all have had a negative result. should I make an appointment to see a doctor to get tested or should I just wait it out and see what happens? Please help Im desperate.


Please go see a doctor.

nausea, vomiting, tiredness, tender breasts could also be signs that you may be sick too.

Also, 25% (1 out of every 4) pregnancies end in early miscarriage, very early that is, enough that you may have still some of the HCG hormone left to make you feel like you're preggers but in fact are not. Then again spotting could also happen when you are still pregnant. (It happened to me with my first pregnancy, went to hospital ER but baby still inside and ok.)

What I would do if I were in your shoes?

- Buy 2 pregnancy tests of different brands see if they measure 20 to 25 mIUs hCG, and test both. If one says positive, assume you're preggers and go see a doc.
- If negative, you may have time to wait a little bit more (during this time do not have unprotected sex or do anything silly that could affect getting your period, or affect an unborn fetus, try not to stress too much if possible)
- If still in 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks no period and still sickness, then go see a doc. Why? Check if Nuvaring is still there, check if you're sick for something else, check why you're period isn't there.

Good luck, I hope you're ok and the outcome is whatever it is you need it to be.


hiya i have 2 children already but this last 3 months i have been having symptoms ... i normally have heavy periods that last 7 days ... these last 3 periods im at least a week late and only loose a little bloody discharge that lasts a day .. my stomache is hard and swollen and im feeling movements in my belly .. my brests are swollen and sore im also loosing a little discharge from them i have done several tests and they are all negative ... i have been to the doctors today and had blood tests done i should know the results in a week ... but i cant help thinking im pregnant or have cysts or something .. what do u think ?????????