On saturday March 2nd, (a day right after my ovulation day) my bf and I got involved in foreplay. He fingered and performed oral sex. I think he "adjusted himself" for like 3 seconds and rubbed his penis on my vagina for a few seconds then stuck it in and took it out in less than a second (no condom) Because I pushed him off. He didnt cum at all but i don't know if there was any precum at all either.. We did oral sex and he "adjusted himself" and fingered me a few times the same day. He eventually came but it was no where near me because I was fully dressed. I also used the bathroom after each time but he didnt as much. And I took Plan B One-Step about 17-19 hours later and supposed to expect my period to come on the 15th. I'm experiencing the side-effects listed. I have normal heavy periods. But I'm concerned about the pre-cum and the fact it was a day after my ovulation day (a fertile day). Is it a possibility I could be pregnant? Please no rude comments..