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So me and my girlfriend fooled around on november 24, the day she got off her period. She started her period on november 19. When we were fooling around we did not have sex, and i did not actually ejaculate. the reason i am kind of worried ( i always get paranoid) is because when we were fooling around i rubbed my penis, and i believe i wiped it off on my shirt before i fingered her. well then i fingered her. i have been reasearching on this topic and here are my questions

First off some people say that pre cum contains sperm, and if any very little, others say people get pregnant from it every day

next, i know that ovulation generally does not occur until the 14th day of the cycle. Well since we fooled around on day 5 even if there was some pre cum in there, it would generally not live enough until ovulation correct? Can someone please figure out if my dates are correct on the ovulation.

i really doubt she is because i didnt fully ejaculate to MUCh later on, and also her ovulation date was so far away. Even if sperm does live for 5 days if there was any in the pre would most likely not live till she ovulated.

Please can someone help me



It would be unlikely that that activity would lead to preganncy, but you must be careful in the future. It only takes 1 SINGLE SPERM tof ertilize an egg.

Have you both considered birth control? Planned parenthood and private docs do not need parental consent for reproductive care, and they must keep ALL THINGS PRIVATE.